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How Much Does Clix Earn?

Clix’s YouTube channel has almost 2 million subscribers and has accumulated more than 150 million views as of 2021. It also gets around 100,000 views per day, which generates an estimated revenue of $800 per day.

In a year, that would be around $300,000 for Clix’s YouTube Channel alone.

Clix currently has 4 million followers on Twitch with over 130 million views. He gets around 25,000 viewers every stream, and his highest viewership by far is 90,000 viewers. Compared to YouTube, Twitch streamers make money through ads, donations, and subscriptions. 

His Twitch channel has around 1,000 paying subscribers, where Clix earns $2.5 for each subscription every month. Adding that up will give Clix an extra $2,500 every month or $30,000 per year. 

Clix Merch

Why is Clix famous?

Clix first gained global recognition after qualifying for Fortnite’s first annual World Cup. Cody Conrod, a.k.a Clix, has since become a respectable 1v1 player and high round taker in Fortnite.

Is Clix rich?

As of 2021, the American professional gamer has a total net worth of $2.5 million. He currently has 3.92 million followers on Twitch and 1.71 million subscribers on YouTube, which are the main contributors to his earnings.