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Fortnite: Clix “cheated on” after one day into his new relationship

Clix, a Fortnite pro, is in the news once more. But like his most recent assignments, this one is similarly devoid of any gaming-related content. Clix has recently developed a socialite persona and is always posting about his activities on social media. Let’s just say that the Fortnite community has come to appreciate his antics.

Numerous Fortnite streams are quite well-liked on the internet. Clix, a.k.a. Cody Conrod, is one such internet sensation. The high-ground taker has more than five million Twitch followers and is a member of the NRG esports. His claim to fame was the inaugural Fortnite World Cup.

Clix recently discussed his girlfriend on social media. However, things appear to have gone sour as the Fortnite prodigy alleges in his most recent tweet that his new partner betrayed him just one day into their relationship.

Despite the fact that the entire scenario has nothing to do with the game itself, it does involve a young prodigy.

Fortnite’s Clix is tricked.
Clix has recently put a lot of effort into developing himself. He revealed his new relationship to the public back in June 2022, and now a month later, he was kicked out of one, and that too in a somewhat degrading manner. This is in response to a purported viral video of his breakup.

The video shows Clix, who is busy on a livestream. However, he is not playing Fortnite, but is talking to one of his friends. Later, his new girlfriend Lina joins him. The stream is open-ended and doesn’t follow any particular genre. A few minutes into the video, Clix mentions Darla to his friend.

Shortly thereafter, the duo decided to foray into the topic, as his friend offered suggestions about getting her back. During the conversation, Lina was still sitting by his side. As they progress, she excused herself and leaves the room. The duo continued to talk about Darla, and Clix ended up calling her. While he is busy speaking to her, Lina left his house.

For the rest of the stream, Clix continued with his shenanigans, unaware of the fact that his girlfriend had left the premise. From hereon, proceedings took a turn for the worse.

However, the user didn’t stop here. He later posted a picture of himself and Lina, captioned “not even 24 hours later” in reply to Clix’s video post titled “no longer a virgin.” These posts are unequivocally meant to rile Clix up and have garnered immense traction.

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